Housing Profile Protocols:  
Partnering to Develop Tools to Foster Community Revitalization and Citizen Empowerment

This initiative is a partnership between the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Environments working Group, University Outreach and Extension (HSEW, UO/E) and Northwest Missouri Regional Resource Team (NWTm), facilitated by Center for Agricultural, Resource and Environmental Systems (CARES) and Community Policy Analysis Center (CPAC).

Grant City in Worth County, Missouri and Rock Port in Atchison County, Missouri were chosen as the pilot communities for the Housing Profiles Project.  Grant City and Rock Port are also part of the Northwest Missouri Online Community Profile Network

Chillicothe in Livingston County, Missouri was chosen as a third pilot community for the Housing Profile Protocols project.

community Reports




Grant City Housing meetings and notes Rock Port Housing meetings and notes Chillicothe Housing meetings and notes


  Windshield Survey Implementation meeting for Chillicothe, MO 2/18/04
    Meeting with Chillicothe Advisory Panel.  Chillicothe, MO 02/25/04
Grant City Housing Reports Rock Port Housing Reports Chillicothe Housing Reports
Grant City Baseline
Report 2001 - 2011
Grant City Housing and Needs Assessment Rock Port Housing and Needs Assessment Chillicothe Housing and Needs Assessment
Part I - Introduction and Executive Summary Part I - Introduction and Executive Summary  
Part II - Demographic Profile Part II - Demographic Profile  
Part III - Economic Profile Part III - Economic Profile  
Part IV - Housing Availability and Adequacy Part IV - Housing Profile  
Part V - Housing Affordability Part V - References, Glossary and Appendix  
Part VI - References, Glossary and Appendix    

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