Bobwhite Habitat Suitability Modeling in Missouri

Habitat Model

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Modeling Interface

Bobwhite habitat suitability prediction is based on landscape characteristics (click on model description for details). Based on the availability of land cover data in Missouri, two modeling interfaces were developed.

Note: the internet-based habitat interfaces were developed using ArcView IMS software, which has become inadequate to work with the new server technologies. Thus the live interfaces are no longer provided. Instead, a series of screen-dump images are used to illustrate the process.

Winter Habitat Analysis Using Statewide Land Cover Dataset

The statewide land cover dataset was developed by the Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP). It is based on the 1991-1993 satellite images with 30-meter resolution. The land cover boundary accuracy and classifications are therefore limited to the image resolution and pixel values.

Based on a recent study by T. Farrand, the dataset provides an adequate data source for Bobwhite winter habitat screening in the state.

» click here to see winter habitat analysis interface illustration

Habitat Analysis Using DOQ-Based Land Use Inventory Dataset in Callaway County, Missouri

The Callaway county land use inventory dataset was developed by the USDA Callaway County Field Office as a pilot project of the Farm Service Agency's Common Land Unit (CLU) program. It is based on early 1990's digital orthophoto quadrangle (DOQ) images and farm reports. It provides full inventory of all land uses in the county.

The dataset provides a good data source for modeling winter, summer and overall habitats. However, it is only available for Callaway County, Missouri. The CLU data for other counties in the state only include farm fields, rangeland and pastureland.

click here to see summer habitat analysis interface illustration
click here to see overall habitat analysis interface illustration

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