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About Spatial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP)

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What is SNMP?

The Spatial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP) is a decision support tool that facilitates the collection, analysis, and presentation of spatial information related to nutrient management planning.

Image of the SNMP Interface

What can SNMP do?

How do I obtain SNMP?

Download SNMP here

What are the system requirements to run SNMP?

More About Spatial Nutrient Management Planner:

SNMP requires you to have ESRI's ArcView desktop GIS software on your computer, version 3.1 or higher, preferably 3.2 or 3.3 (not currently available for ArcView 8.x or 9.x). SNMP automatically sets up the ArcView fields needed for nutrient management planning and provides easy-to-use interactive tools dedicated to nutrient management planning activities. By clicking a button in the Options menu, SNMP gives you access to the full complement of ArcView tools. For an example, see the image of the SNMP interface above.

A sample of an automatically generated ratings map from a Bray-I Phosphorus soil test is shown below:

An image sample of an automatically generated ratings map from a Bray-I Phosphorus soil test

The content of the SNMP was designed by John Lory, an Environmental Nutrient Management Specialist with the University of Missouri-Columbia Department of Agronomy. The design of the tools and scripts of the SNMP software has been an ongoing project at CARES, and version 2.x is currently being undertaken by Kevin Atherton, GIS Specialist at CARES. SNMP-1.1 was developed by Arin Stark, GIS Specialist at CARES.

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