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SNMP Tutorials

Tutorial I: Introduction to Spatial Nutrient Management Planner (SNMP)
Tutorial II: Downloading and Installing SNMP
Tutorial III: What else do I need to run SNMP?
Tutorial IV: Getting Aerial Photos and Soil Data for SNMP for Missouri
Tutorial V: Getting Aerial Photos and Soil Data for SNMP for all lower 48 states (except Missouri)
Tutorial VI: Starting the SNMP Program - Loading Aerial Photos and Soil Data
Tutorial VII: Starting the SNMP Program - Drawing Farm and Field Boundaries
Tutorial VIII: Drawing State Setbacks for your Farm
Tutorial IX: Creating SNMP Maps
Tutorial X: Viewing State Setbacks on the SNMP Website
Tutorial XI: Adding Field and Soil Test Data
Tutorial XII: Importing and Exporting Data from/to MMP

Tutorial XIII: Importing and Exporting Field Files from/to NRCS Toolkit

Link to the Manure Management Planner (MMP) Tutorials Page

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