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What is Spatial Nutrient Management Planner 1.1?

The Spatial Nutrient Management Planner 1.1 (SNMP) is the old version of a decision support tool that facilitates the collection, analysis and presentation of spatial information related to nutrient management planning.

SNMP version 1.1, was released on April 5, 2005. It is available for the lower 48 contiguous U.S. States. It requires ArcView 3.x on your computer to run.

We no longer support SNMP 1.1.

SNMP 1.1 was integrated with the Manure Management Planner (MMP), developed by Purdue University.  With the click of a mouse, the user can export information from SNMP to MMP to create multi-year manure allocation plans.  This functionality may or may not still work.

We now support SNMP-2.x that requires ArcMap 9.2 on your computer to run.

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What's New...

  • SNMP-1.1 is no longer supported
  • We now support SNMP-2.x



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